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If you believe you are suffering from ADD/ADHD it is important that you are properly screened for proper diagnosis. Many people feel like they are suffering from ADD/ADHD when they could clearly be suffering from other ailments such as Anxiety, Depression or even sleep deprivation. Compassion Virtual Care offers remote computer based screening assessments for children and adults who may be exhibiting such symptoms.

Compassion Virtual Care utilizes neurocognitive remote testing for a variety of clients. This test is appropriate for clients who can follow directions and are of the ages 8 to 89. This computer based assessment helps medical providers grade the level of neurocognitive impairment that can help rule-in or rule out certain conditions. Schedule your test today


According to the American Psychological Association, ADHD is a neurobehavior disorder that makes focusing on a daily bases very difficulty. Please note: ADHD has nothing to do with intellect or IQ. There are many brilliant humans who suffer from this disorder, so be encouraged. People with ADHD have trouble getting focused and staying focus, difficulty staying on task, making plans, forgetfulness etc. In addition they may be fidgety, noisy, easily irritated, talking over others.


ADD/ADHD can be treated in a variety of ways. Proper nutrition and exercise are key factors that can assist in improving ADHD symptoms. Natural vitamins and supplements can be key. Check out this link that explains 6 of the best herbs for ADHD https://www.healthline.com/health/adhd/herbal-remedies

Many people are looking for more homeopathic options for treatment. BRILLIA is an non-prescription alternative to prescription pharmaceuticals and does not have harmful side effects. It helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and/or hyperactivity/irritability which improve attention and focus. If diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, this may be very good initial or adjunct option (especially children) before seeking prescription medications from medical clinician. This is a good way of advocating and taking charge of your own health. Use this link https://discoverbrillia.com/discount/CVC12 and receive a discount when purchasing through this website. Read more about BRILLIA

The most popular way of treating ADD/ADHD is non-stimulant and stimulates pharmaceutical medications. Though highly effective, many of these medications can have long term effects on your vascular system and can be highly addicting if not taking properly and not following the instructions of your medical provider.